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E-Cigs Are The New Cigarette

E Cigs, short for electronic cigarettes are rapidly becoming the new cigarette for some obvious reasons, not the least of which is the safety factor.

Modern tobacco cigarettes are proven to be responsible for over 160,000 lung cancer deaths per year, and that figure has remained fairly constant for the past 70 years. Tobacco cigarette smoke contains over 200 cancer causing chemicals including cyanide and arsenic. Tar that is deposited in the lungs of a smoker, destroys the alveoli which are the only way that oxygen can be transferred to our bodies. That eventually causes COPD which kills the person simply because they can't breathe.



So, the incentive to shake off tobacco in favor of 'harmless' e cigarettes is a valid one. People can choose to have different substances and flavors included in their ecigarettes. They can choose to have a similar nicotine level in the e-cigs as they had in the tobacco cigarettes. Most likely, a person who is switching will keep the same level of nicotine, simply because that is the addictive factor of tobacco.

Nicotine is said to be one of the most addictive substances on the planet, so it is very difficult to quit using. A person quitting nicotine will have similar withdrawal symptoms as if one were quitting heroine. Even though nicotine has its own health hazards, such as weakened circulatory system and heart issues, it is not as bad perhaps as the cancer issue with tobacco.


The transformation of smokers to the ecigs is truly a remarkable movement, signifying a major marketing phenomenon of the modern age. The fact that Lolliard, the giant tobacco conglomerate purchased Blu-Ecigs early on signaled what many think will be a major move of big tobacco to come. RJ Reynolds is marketing its own ecig brand now and is testing its marketing channels to find out where the interest might be located.


The ecigs are beginning to market their devices in other shapes and colors than just a cigarette look, and an entire sub culture of this movement is emerging. A user can order many different flavors in addition to the actual nicotine. They run the gamut of what you can imagine from chocolate, peanut butter, all of the fruit flavors, menthol, peppermint and about anything else that you could think of.

Smoke shops are springing up just based on this concept, with elaborate starter kits, to help new people who want to 'vape' as smoking the devices is not called.

There is talk of regulating e cigs because there is no control as to exactly what is being placed into the devices. If a person simply 'vapes' the gloycol vapor, with no flavors or nicotine added, the risk of anything happening adverse to one's health is akin to walking outside on a foggy day.


Critics simply say that government won't want to miss their chance to tax anything they can where an income stream is available.


Whatever direction the e cig movement takes from here is sure to be an exciting one, but for sure this could only be the beginning.